TV: Changes with The Times

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Published: 31st October 2012
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TV: Changes with The Times

It always seems funny to me that an idea we look back on in the past sounded good only to be seen in the present as really dumb. For instance, did you know that Tobacco Smoke Enemas (1750s – 1810s)
was used to infuse tobacco smoke into a patient’s rectum for various medical purposes, primarily the resuscitation of drowning victims? A rectal tube inserted into the anus was connected to a fumigator and bellows that forced the smoke towards the rectum. The warmth of the smoke was thought to promote respiration, but doubts about the credibility of tobacco enemas led to the popular phrase “blow smoke up one’s ass.”
Paying for cable TV is a lot like the Tobacco Smoke Enemas of the late eighteenth century. Cable TV is one of those luxuries I bought myself 20 years ago. At that time it offered 20 channels which was a big change as opposed to the four channels I had most of my life supported by an antenna strapped to the chimney. Today I consider it to be one of the necessities of life which is right up there with the phone bill, electric bill and mortgage bill. Fast forward to today’s question.
Watch satellite TV on PC, TV or cable TV? This is a question of choice but not on equal grounds since each have its strengths and weaknesses. According to a national wide survey, an average American probably spends more than 16% of his time in an entire year watching TV. This translates to about two months in a year which is more than half the time we spend on sleeping. Another staggering fact is more than two-thirds of American homes own more than three TV sets. TV is part of American culture. Discover what the differences are to help you decide whether to watch satellite TV on PC, TV or cable TV. Try this because it is FREE:
Cable TV tends to be well-received in built-up areas since it is not affected by terrains and weather. However, in places where cable technology has not reached, such as rural areas or some suburban districts, satellite TV is their choice. In fact, you can set up a satellite dish system to watch satellite TV on your TV from any part of the world so it has a worldwide appeal. Where you can have internet access, you can watch satellite TV on PC readily.
You should not have any problem to watch satellite TV channels with clarity as long as your satellite dish system is set up for clear line of sight with the satellites. High rise buildings are ideal places for such systems as the satellite has full view of the skies. Needless to say, cable TV is able to receive and display TV channel feeds with a certain degree of clarity. However, since the reception of satellite dish system depends on external conditions such as weather, it may be less reliable during different seasons of the year. Fortunately, you can overcome this if you watch satellite TV on PC. Watching PC satellite TV is not constrained by weather or nature elements since they receive their feeds via internet connections which are a highly reliable media portal. Satellite TV is a clear winner in this. Since it is made to receive free-to-air broadcasts, you can practically watch any channel as long as your satellite dish system can cover it. Nowadays, you can even watch satellite TV on PC if you prefer not to touch a satellite dish. Even though cable TV has been working hard to secure more channels for their subscribers, it is still pretty self-limiting in the number of TV channels it can offer. With satellite TV, you get to watch worldwide TV channels from any country and in any language.
When you watch satellite TV, there are in fact three options. Either you build your own satellite dish system to receive free-to-air broadcasts or you can take advantage of free equipment installation provided when you subscribe for monthly satellite TV program packages with the service providers. The third option which is a new one is to watch satellite TV on PC using software application and internet connection. This is simply the easiest way to watch satellite TV.
Satellite TV has an unfair advantage over cable TV in this aspect. Cable TV providers have to pay heavier levies charged by the state governments since the infrastructural makeup is more complicated and intensive than satellite TV providers which are light in infrastructure. Capital costs for cable TV companies are higher and with the advent of digital TV becoming the next big thing; it is a matter of time when they have to upgrade those million miles of ground-embedded obsolete cables. This is why satellite TV providers are able to charge less for more. In fact, if you watch satellite TV on PC, you can do away with monthly subscriptions and expensive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) style dish systems since you only pay once for the PC satellite TV software.
It is very easy for anyone to watch free satellite TV from laptop or PC in today's environment. All you really need is the right kind of software program along with a good quality internet broadband connection. Once you have these then you could soon find yourself being able to watch more than 3,000 different free satellite TV channels from around the world in just a few minutes. Certainly there are many advantages for people wanting to watch free satellite TV from laptop or PC.
1. Firstly it is completely free and once you have purchased the software program then you will never have any other fees to pay such as monthly bills or those hidden charges that some companies may hide from you.
2. You do not need to purchase any additional hardware and equipment for your laptop or PC. All you have to do is have an internet connection. But you need to download the satellite TV software and install it of course.
3. Once you have the software installed on your PC, you then have the choice of over 2,000 - 3000 satellite TV channels to choose from. You can watch various different TV shows, sports, news, cartoons, music and listen to radio stations from across the globe.
4. Rather than purchasing your kids a new TV set for their bedroom or play room, you can save the money if they have a computer which can be converted into a free TV.
5. Once you have downloaded and installed the software on to your laptop, as long as you have a good internet connection, you can access the TV shows no matter where you are whether away from home on business or on vacation. So if you find the kids getting bored while waiting for the flight, if you can find an internet connection hotspot in the airport, then they will be able to watch something while they wait. No longer will you have them complaining to you that they are bored.
6. Here is another advantage to watch free satellite TV from laptop. If there are particular channels that you like to watch and you don't want to spend time each day trawling through the thousands of channels available, the software allows you to save them into a favorites list. Then all you need to do is go into the favorites and choose the channel that you want to watch.
7. To watch free satellite TV from your laptop today is completely legal as the channels are all free to air TV broadcasts.
8. If you have the cable facilities, you can connect your laptop to your TV screen at home and you can then watch your favorite channels on the big screen instead.
So as you can see, for those who choose to watch free satellite TV from laptop, there are many clear advantages to be gained from doing so. Why not take a little time out and see just what is on offer for such software programs for your laptop today through at Satellitedirect

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